YI Technology 4K Action Camera in Night Black, Rose Gold and Pearl White (International Version)

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4K For You

  • Built with the new generation, and best in class, Ambarella A9SE75 chip, Sony IMX377 image sensor, and 7-layers of glass lenses. This new-age action camera records in 4K/30fps at 60mbps, that’s 4x the quality of standard 1080p.
  • YI Technology builds with you in mind, which is why the 4K action camera was created with the most advanced technology, in order to combine precision, versatility and ease of use, into one exceptional action camera.
  • YI’s 7 layers of optical glass lenses, combined with an F2.8 large aperture, increases light intake to capture crisp and detailed footage, anytime, anywhere.
  • Customized with a 330ppi high resolution and high-sensitivity retina touchscreen, allowing for a user experience like no other. 2.19 inches of Gorilla Glass helps resist any scratches and daily wear and tear. A 160° viewing angle gives you a better perspective on things, literally. Never miss that perfect shot ever again with the 640*360 widescreen, making it quick and easy to preview and shoot. 4K is now at your fingertips, with the YI Tech 4k Action Camera.
  • Designed with adventurers and photographers alike, we used the world’s leading rechargeable 1400mAh high-voltage 4.4V lithium-ion battery from Amperext Technology (supplier of the iPhone battery) so you can never miss a beat. The YI 4K Cam will be with you come rain, sleet or snow,  with an exceptional 8 hours of standby time. Allowing you to shoot in 4K/30fps video for up to 120 minutes with a single charge.
  • The World’s leading telecommunication semi-conductor solution provider, Broadcom, supplied us with their latest BCM43340 chip, which barely gives you time to blink. Supports 802.11a/b/g/n 2.4G/5GHz. With a significantly improved anti-interference technology, you can now download at speeds of up to 30Mbps and have more time to shoot, edit, and share.
  • 6-30 seconds video editing, image/video filters and music options now available with the YI Action Camera app. Easy to use, and professional quality, you’l never have to use your computer to edit again. Share your photos with like-minded individuals with the push of a button, there’s a place for everyone in the YI community!
  • This little camera packs a solid punch, with 3.35 ounces of the worlds leading imagining technology. The YI 4K’s all-in-one and impact resistant design, fits right in your pocket. With new colors and high quality finishing, it’s not just a camera, it’s everything you’ve been waiting for.
  • App works with Android devices only

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Dimensions 30 x 25 x 10 cm

Night Black, Pearl White, Rose Gold

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